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The Purpose of COEBA


The COEBA Movement is an effort to plant fundamental Baptist churches that will effectively minister to the needs of Black America. The modern foreign missionary era has proven that the most effective way to reach a people is with a national pastor. Similarly, the condition in our country is such that Black America can only be evangelized en masse as God-called black men are burdened, trained and commissioned to plant churches. And though these churches may be predominantly black, they must always champion their God-given requirement to reach all people.

Spreading the gospel in Black America is the responsibility of every New Testament church. This is why COEBA is not a black movement but a fundamentalist movement. Churches and Christians have joined hands and hearts in one of
the most concerted specific mission endeavors in history.

Fifteen years have passed since our first National meeting in Chester, VA. The number in attendance has increased from a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand, but the vision God gave Dr. Louis Baldwin remains unchanged. Pastors and churches of many races will come to Danville, VA this summer to show their support and learn what more can be done. Bible colleges and Christian ministries will make their resources available. A great choir will sing, and powerful sermons will be preached. As the Spirit of God moves, decisions will be made at a tear-stained altar, and America's Most Unusual Fundamental Baptist Conference will be in session. We hope you'll come to Danville this July for the COEBA National Gathering. Come and witness what God is doing in places like Houston and Birmingham, Memphis and Oakland. Once more, come and be a part of the work that God is accomplishing in the hearts of His people -- bringing us together, breaking down barriers, so that we can fulfill the holy calling that He has placed upon us.

You can get more information about the ministry of COEBA, Dr Baldwin and the Crossroads Baptist Church at